Shimmy Shimmy Dance Studio, Inc - Pole Dancing, Belly Dancing, Burlesque Chair, Ballet, Kettlebell
"It's time for us Suffolk County Girl's to have some FUN!"

Our newly renovated studio
        Shimmy Shimmy is an adult Dance Fitness Studio...specializing in getting you fit and having lots of FUN while doing it. No contracts or commitments, take a single class or purchase a class package it's totally up to you. Our classes are small, intimate and not intimidating. No Dance Experience needed, all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome! Join our classes and be a part of an inspiring, positive, fun and supportive environment. Learn the Art of Pole Dance, Aerial Hammock Fitness,                   Belly Dance Fitness, Burlesque Chair Dance, Gymnastic, Twerk & more.  
Our students range from age 18 to age 70. Anyone can attend our classes & become a Shimmy Shimmy Girl!

       Heather, Owner & Creator of Shimmy Shimmy lost 30 pounds from Pole Dancing. She has created a winning curriculum to help her students achieve their fitness goals and dreams. Allow her the opportunity to help you! We also offer Photoshoots, Restorative Yoga & Nutrition Workshops. Private Parties and Private Lessons at our facility and/or in your home. We are available to be the entertainment at your special event.                             

        Pole Dancing for Fitness...For Fun...For Life!   Forget traditional fitness and try what millions of women are trying...Pole Dancing. Who would have thought that a vertical stainless steel pole could be so much fun and actually give you real results?! Pole Dancing works the two areas that women have difficulty with, upper body strength and core strength. Pole dancing is a challenge and really pushes you outside your comfort zone. Pole dancing will transform your body, mind and soul. Toning and shaping your entire body. Build lean sexy muscle and gain flexibility and confidence all while having fun. Working out does not have to be boring any longer. Turn up the sexiness on your fitness plan.  Please call for additional info and/or visit us at the studio.
 Contact Us:
Belly Dancing
3316 Route 112 Suite E
Medford, NY 11763
*We are across the street from Country Fair
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for hours.
Email:                             Telephone: (631) 278-7724
Purchase your own X-Pole, ask Heather for more info regarding Fitness Poles.

                                 Heather's Bio
        (Owner, Creator, Certified Instructor)

Heather began dance at the early age of 5. As she began her teen years she wanted to try a form of dance that would be more expressive and fit her personality. Heather has always been amazed by Belly Dancing and decided to give it a try. After her first class she was hooked with the beautiful flowing movements and gorgeous costumes. She enjoyed learning this new form of dance and incorporating props such as canes, Isis wings, veils, swords and zills. She quickly began attending all types of Belly Dance classes at several different schools and workshops in NYC to be the best she could.  Heather began performing at many Performing Art Centers and Private Parties. With her undeniable love for Belly Dancing secure, Heather also wanted to try another form of dance that was extremely physical and challenging. She was looking to push herself outside the comfort zone and get in the best shape of her life. She gave Pole Dancing a try and it was love at first spin. Heather found Pole Dancing to be sexy and fun while pushing her body to do things she never thought possible. It was extremely physically challenging. It was the perfect outlet to be creative and tone her body. Within 3 weeks she could start to see a transformation of her body. At 8 weeks she had lost 20 pounds and a new lean and firm version of Heather was born. She loved the way her body looked and knew it was from Pole Dancing. Heather attended a rigorous training program to obtain her Certification as a Certified Pole Dance Fitness Instructor.

After mastering these two forms of dance and achieving her Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Certification, Heather knew she wanted to bring dance and fitness into other women's lives. Heather opened her own dance and fitness studio, 
Shimmy Shimmy Dance Studio Inc. in 2010! Dance defines Heather and fills her heart and soul with happiness. When she is dancing she comes alive and nothing makes her happier. Heather loves to teach her students and watch them come alive with dance and a new sense of confidence.

  • Stony Brook Staller Center 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Lombardi’s on the Sound 2010
  • 70th  Birthday Party 2011
  • Fitness Event Smith Haven Mall 2011
  • Hampton's Fall Festival 2011
  • Inked 2012
  • Lombardi’s on the Bay 2014
  • Ladies Event Walt Whitman Mall 2014
  • Raw Artists 2014
  • Indigo Restaurant 2014
  • Stony Brook University 2014
  • Stony Brook University 2015
  • Revolution Bar & Lounge Private Parties monthly in 2015
  • Penny-savor Amphitheater  2015
  • Featured on TLC Documentary 2016
  • The Meadow Club 2016
  • Sag Harbor Private Event 2016
  • Hampton Bays Private Event 2016
  • Stony Brook University 2017
  • Peconic Private Event 2017

NO Refunds of any kind on packages/classes/workshops/Private Parties/Private Lessons etc.
NO Refunds on merchandise purchased. Such as clothing and accessories.
NO Oils, lotions or jewelry put on before or while dancing.
NO Intoxication or the use of any illegal drugs.NO food in the studio, only drinks will be allowed.
NO G-strings, swim suits, nudity or thongs of any kind.
Appropriate Fitness clothing a must.
Waivers must be signed by all new students before taking any classes.
If you are under the age of 18 you must have parental consent to take classes.
Single Classes and packages purchased do have an expiration date.
Single Classes that are purchased will be valid on the day of purchase only.
NO exceptions will be made when it comes to expiration dates on packages and/or single classes.
All workshops and/or special guest instructor classes must be paid for separately.
Existing packages can NOT be used towards workshops and/or special guest instructor classes.
Weight limit in all Pole Dance Fitness Classes is 250 pounds.
You must graduate from Pole Foundations in order to take Pole Choreography.
You must have Heather's approval to graduate from Pole Foundations in order to take Pole  Choreography.
You must have Heather's approval to advance from Pole Choreography to Climb & Spin Pole and/or invert classes.
Packages are for individuals only, they cannot be shared.
No transferring package to another person.
If you are comfy in high heels, bring them (for Pole Dancing only).
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the class begins.
ALL bookings should be done at least 24 hours in advance to secure your spot in the class.
Students who sign up early have are secured a spot in class.
If there is room, then drop in students may join class.
Safety is first and foremost please listen to your instructor for the safest method possible.
We are dog friendly and there may be a dog at the studio on occasion.
Any questions please send to…
(631) 278-7724
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